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Global Industry Trends & Economic and Financial Impact

Having led off this special series, Steve Hood returns to give a statistical update on the industry’s recovery from the initial shock of COVID-19, while also outlining some future recovery scenarios.

Presenters: Steve Hood, Senior Vice President of Research at STR

Moderator: Scott Dahl, Master’s Program Director at Les Roches

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Discover Glion Bachelor’s Specializations

Bachelor’s students in International Hospitality Business can choose one specialization in their final semester. This allows them to focus their knowledge and expertise on professional disciplines.

The three specializations students can choose from:
- Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality
- International Hotel Development and Finance
- International Event Management

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Barbara, can you tell me a little about your specialization?

Basically what we do is we prepare students for excellent contact with customers and delivering exceptional, unforgettable service to customers.

We prepare our students to work in marketing and branding of goods and services – so we create extremely transferable skills too, for our students.

Students can work in services, hotels, restaurants, spas, airlines… they have excellent understanding of customers and their requirements; so when they progress to management positions or become owners of hotels, hotel companies or other businesses, they know exactly how to tailor their products or services to the clientele, and how to train their own staff to deliver exceptional service.

Jonathan, could you give me more details about the hotel development and finance specialization? What are your students going through, and what is the kind of job that typically they’ll do?

The students, in terms of the overall program, we actually give them at the very beginning of the specialization a live project in a live city. And the students work on that project through all the different steps of the specialization.

From looking at data analytics, doing a market feasibility study, creating the concept for that particular development project, doing the valuations of that.

Then they go and meet the developer and the investor in that city, for that project. They meet the advisors, and they see all the competitive set, and meet all the players within the industry.

And in addition, several of the students, after this field trip, they went and had jobs in the advisory firms and in the companies that we visited. So you can see the whole flow.

So Giovanni, your specialization, like events, parties… I’m kind of confused – what is events about?

Events could be a wedding; could be a conference, that could go up to 30,000 people. A gathering like the World Economic Forum, which is one of the biggest events in the world.

An event is a mega event like the Olympic Games. So with the students what we do is first we try to understand the industry; what is the world of events?

And then, we start a project that is tailored towards the end to stage an event.

So our students are preparing a concept, and they are in a team organizing this event; which means they need to go through the planning stage, contact the suppliers, find a venue, define what are the risks connected to that event, and then they do the marketing and sales plan – which is not only a theoretical part, they need to do it.

We do have a final phase which is the evaluation of the event, which is very important for the learning process, to understand what was good and what didn’t go that well.

Glion Master Programs An Overview of Your Career Opportunities

In this webinar, recorded on Thursday 29 April 2020, you will learn more about our different Master specializations and the diversity of career opportunities that comes with it. From hospitality to luxury brands and real estate, many industries will be accessible to you. This session was led by Emmanuel Jurczenko, Program Director; Jacquie Lutz, Head of Career and Internship; and supported by current students.

Go directly to the section that interests you:

0:00 Start
2:25 Introduction to our Master Programs
4:14 4 Master Programs Available
13:15 Program Benefits
16:00 Career \u0026 Internship Team
19:04 Career Services
20:58 Career \u0026 Internship Portal
24:33 International Internships
37:28 First Job Examples
41:24 Employment Facts
42:04 Alumni Network
44:50 Q\u0026A

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