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HTC EVO 3D in 2021: Crazy 3D Phone, 10 Years On! [Retro Review]

Back in 2011, two things were reaching the peak of their popularity: #HTC and #3D. Here's the crazy phone from ten years ago that combines the two, the one and only #HTCEVO3D

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3DSergio : #samsung #galaxy #z #fold #3D
David Herrmann : This was my first smart phone! Coming from an LG Rumor Touch, this was a big change for me back when I was in college.
RetroToons : Thank You
John Manalo : Fell in love with my first HTC phone - the HTC One M7. And since then all my succeeding phones are from HTC.
Clinton Roche : I have to say.... Don't really care about 10old phones. Just giving my feedback.

My First Smartphone EVER! HTC EVO 4G - 10 YEARS LATER!

My First Smartphone EVER! HTC EVO 4G - 10 YEARS LATER! ... Definitely a first ballad Smartphone Hall Of Famer ... The HTC EVO 4G from sprint is one of the most iconic smartphones of all time. Today i RE-Review this beast 10 years later!



INSTAGRAM: The_EverythingMan
danielle rivera : Reminiscing and watching this with my new iPhone 12 pro oh the days
Chris Long : This was my first smartphone. It was a good one.
J M : Can its software be fully upgraded to modern cells?
Francis J : HTC was the brand that introduced me to Android back then. Now I'm rocking Oneplus phones and they feel like spiritual successors to HTC
Thomas Johnson : Yep, I remember it very well.. I also had to carry extra battery with it so it would last a full day. Cause the battery life was that bad. I also remember when it launched. Every outlet was saying good luck getting it sold out every where. Luckily on a trip from Nashville TN to visit family in Birmingham, AL. Called every sprint store on the route. Finally got one cause the person who pre ordered it did not show up to get it or return the calls so. The manager released it to me. So yeah i loved the phone. Just battery life sucked on it tho...

HTC EVO 4G Review

PhoneArena reviews the HTC EVO 4G - one of the most impressive phones ever made. The HTC EVO 4G is incredibly well-made and features a giant 4.3-inch capacitive TFT touchscreen, WiMAX connectivity, 8MP camera with 720p video capture and a kickstand on the back. Software-wise, it runs Android 2.1 with HTC's Sense UI on top. The interface performs smoothly and lets you use mail, social networks, calendars and so on with ease.

If you want to learn more about the HTC EVO 4G, check our review at:
prateek : its a thin device!
Feels Bad : He called the phone BIG!!!!
eddie munster : lol
Daniel Pacheco : HTC Evo : I'm a huge phone

Note 10 plus : hold my 6.8 inch display
Lauren Hogue : this was my dream phone ten years ago in middle school




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